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Name Change Law and Procedures

Ohio Name Change Procedures For Minors

Section 2717.01(B) of the Ohio Revised Code sets forth the filing and notice requirements that apply to name change petitions filed on behalf of minors. The application may be filed on by the child's parent, legal guardian, or guardian ad litem. If one of the parents does not consent, he or she must be notified of the hearing by certified mail, return receipt requested.

The pertinent Ohio Revised Code provisions are as follows:

B) An application for change of name may be made on behalf of a minor by either of the minor's parents, a legal guardian, or a guardian ad litem. When application is made on behalf of a minor, in addition to the notice and proof required pursuant to division (A) of this section, the consent of both living, legal parents of the minor shall be filed, or notice of the hearing shall be given to the parent or parents not consenting by certified mail, return receipt requested. If there is no known father of the minor, the notice shall be given to the person who the mother of the minor alleges to be the father. If no father is so alleged, or if either parent or the address of either parent is unknown, notice pursuant to division (A) of this section shall be sufficient as to the father or parent.


Appellate Court Upholds Name Change Of Minor Children Despite Father's Objections